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Your software is complete.

Managing, configuring, checking, designing layouts, cloud hosting and much more: icenter.suite does it all, and is easy to operate. The icenter.suite software package includes all the applications necessary for maintaining, checking and managing Passenger Information Systems.

Luminator also provides the applications most suited to agency servers. With Luminator's Cloud service, reach every device by remote access ­— enabling software updates and layout adjustments to be implemented remotely and quickly. All the icenter.suite tools can be easily integrated and come together as a complete, comprehensive package, with no need for additional software to provide passengers with information on the go.



The layout tool for designing displays and integrating advertisements

The graphic user interface of makes it easy to create individual layouts with text, images, graphics, photos and videos at the click of a mouse - all directly from your desk.

Creating screens that show passenger information and advertisements at the same time is easy, as is the inclusion of dynamic text fields and audio layouts for announcements – which can be programmed to play based upon the vehicle’s location, if desired. In just a few steps, target texts can be edited or complete image and video sequences compiled. Even picture-in-picture presentations can be created with ease.

The contents are managed by a user-friendly content management system – which can be cloud-based if desired. Data can be transferred via wi-fi, a cellular connection (3G, 4G, 5G) or USB. All of this makes icenter the perfect software tool for designing your passenger information. 

Routes and advertising can be combined on the same display
Local simulation/preview of the layout
Integration of dynamic content (e.g. RSS feed, video streaming) in the vehicle
Pool functionality for simply playing promotional content
Audio configurations and complete integration of text-to-speech in different languages with different voices



The diagnostic tool that reduces maintenance costs

With icenter.diag, you’ll save time and money operating your passenger information system. This is because the software module enables you to remotely access every connected device if an error message occurs.

All screen content in the vehicle (through live view) is accessible along with the system status (including elements such as CPU, RAM and disk usage). The data can easily be read remotely, from the entire fleet. Each unit in the vehicle can be individually selected and administered.

This allows you to decide from your office whether a device needs to be manually serviced or not. Often, a remote reset is all that is needed to correct the malfunction. As such, icenter reduces maintenance costs to a minimum – and therefore increases the uptime of your fleet.

Remote access and remote control of the individual units
Remote logging enables simple troubleshooting
Remote desktop access to the unit
Live view of the passenger information
Integration of all available devices and local access



The management tool for administration and software updates

With icenter.admin, all devices can be managed, configured and updated remotely. User groups and authorizations are also be effortlessly managed.

Disseminate data to all devices in the fleet — efficiently, from a central location.

A configuration wizard actively supports the configuration of devices, eliminating possible errors.

Configuration of complete system solutions within the vehicle
Live updates of the displays (units) in push mode
Unit updates in groups possible, simple management of user accounts
Different protocols can be configured
Different update options (USB, FTP server, Azure)
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