NDAA compliant Luminator Technology Group delivers NDAA-compliant, ruggedized camera solutions for transit — providing the highest quality recording and full video coverage for all types of transport vehicles. Luminator provides a wide-range of camera options, each with specific technology that is best suited for specific mounting locations. Unique technologies are deployed to capture the best video for each camera view, whether the camera is mounted in the interior of a railcar, or the exterior of a bus. Additional options and enhanced features include built-in audio recording, IR illumination for low-light conditions and high-resolution designed to capture small details and deliver unprecedented zoom capabilities.


Interior, Forward-Facing AHD Camera
Exterior Mini Dome AHD Camera
Interior Dome AHD Camera
Interior, Compact Forward-Facing AHD Camera
Exterior Tapered Dome AHD Camera
Exterior Wedge AHD Camera
Exterior IP Camera
Interior, Compact Forward-Facing IP Camera
Interior, Forward-Facing IP Camera
Interior Dome IP Camera
360-Degree Interior IP Camera
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