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Discover where our solutions bring the advantage

Discover where our solutions bring the advantage

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On-Board Bus

Kcata expands its Smart City with Infotransit

The team at Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) considers the agency a leader in Smart City deployment – increasing operational efficiency by continuously rolling out technology and...
On-Board Bus

Realtime information in Scandinavia

Irregularities in public transport operations cannot always be avoided. Passengers are then delighted when they are quickly provided useful information to enhance their travel. Together with part...
At stations and stops

Limburg City Line bus traffic

The redesigned central bus station in Limburg an der Lahn connects the pedestrian area with new footpath for historical “Ausbesserungswerk”. In the final phase of construction, the passenger inf...
At stations and stops

Darmstadt Tram

The Darmstadt-based transport company HEAG mobilo operates as an infrastructure provider of the most advanced traffic management systems in Germany. With real-time data and service instructions ...
At stations and stops

Reutlingen Stadtverkehrs-gesellschaft RSV

About 80 buses run on routes of Reutlinger Stadtverkehrsgesellschaft (short RSV) on time – every day. With the BMG MIS MagicSunDisplay we realized a completely wireless (autonomous) display syst...
At stations and stops

Ulm bus stops

Together with DB ZugBus Regionalverkehr Alb-Bodensee (RAB), a novel, fully self-sufficient passenger information system was put into operation in March 2011th. The so-called Dynamic Info Points ...
At stations and stops

Boosting efficiency with Real-time passenger information

Real-time passenger information has become an increasingly important requirement for mass transit customers. Gone are the days when riders would patiently wait at a stop for the next bus; today’s...
On-board Video Security

Delivering clarity to whatcom transportation authority

Geoff Beaumont, the Operations Supervisor for Whatcom Transportation Authority in Bellingham, Washington, says Luminator Technology Group’s On-board Video Security solutions help his agency t...
On-board Video Security

On-board Video Security captures heroes in action

For as long as there has been transit service, there have been bus operators who’ve gone the extra mile to serve mass transit passengers. Think of the operators who’ve waited while you ran to cat...
On-board Video Security

Mobile cellular solution streamlines operations and improves rider experience

Today, free Wi-Fi is available almost anywhere – from coffee shops and airports to gyms and restaurants. Yet internet connectivity is often not available in the places where it makes the most sen...
On-board Video Security

Standardizing transit surveillance

Washington, D.C. is one of the most safeguarded cities in the world and the region is known for having the highest level of security and safety in place to protect government officials, residents...
On-board Video Security

802.11ac delivers breakthrough transit video performance

In early 2014, Gardena’s GTrans, formerly Gardena Municipal Bus Lines, launched an industry-wide search for a technologically innovative mobile video surveillance solution for its fixed-route tra...
On-Board Rail

Alstom Transportation, Germany

Customer : Alstom Transportation, Germany End user : Skånetrafiken Project scope: 30 trains (120 cars) System controller with digital speech announcements Operators terminal for PIS and CCT...
On-Board Rail

Bombardier Transportation, Germany

Customer : Bombardier Transportation, Germany End user : Deutsche Bahn Project scope: 162 cars PA – Passenger Announcement PIS Audio for up to 1.200 cars (frame) Intercom Crew user interf...
On-Board Rail

Stadler Rail, Germany

Customer : Stadler End user : S-Bahn Rhein Ruhr Project scope: 41 trains Full HD Infotainment system For Stadler and the S-Bahn Rhein Ruhr Luminator provided a state-of-the art TFT in...
On-Board Rail

Berlin Metro

Thanks to the Berlin Transport Authority (BVG), Berlin is guaranteed never to stand still, not even in 2035, when the city is expected to have over 4 million inhabitants. The former is now starting...

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