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  • Major contract received from Stadler

  • Major contract received from Stadler

Passenger Information Systems for new Metros in Berlin

June 2021
Passenger Information Systems for new Metros in Berlin Rastatt/Germany

Rastatt/Germany – June 2021. The Luminator Technology Group has announced the receipt of the biggest single order in the company’s history: Swiss rolling stock manufacturer Stadler proposes to install Luminator’s innovative passenger information systems in the new underground railway cars for the Berlin transport authority (BVG).

A master agreement between the BVG and Stadler has been signed for the supply of up to 1,500 class J and JK underground carriages. An initial minimum purchase volume of 606 carriages was agreed. A further 230 vehicles are subsequently to be conveyed to the BVG. The first 24 vehicles – consisting of twelve each for the small and large profile – are expected to be delivered to the BVG from Stadler's Berlin plant in the autumn of 2022. Following several months of test runs, intensive inspections and type approval, regular deliveries are scheduled to commence in late 2023.

In the course of this, the Luminator Technology Group succeeded in winning the worldwide tender for passenger information systems. All large and small profile cars will be fitted with stateof- the-art TFT monitors and LED exterior displays specially developed for Stadler. This means 6-8 monitors per car, with two high-resolution front and side displays in the end cars – over 13,000 TFT displays and 4,000 LED displays in total. The contract volume for the initial equipment and service is in the lower two-digit million-euro range.

“The equipment of vehicles by Stadler’s metro segment enables the Luminator Technology Group to assert its position in the European competitive market for passenger information systems in several respects,” says Franz Foth, Managing Director EMEA, proudly. “In Berlin’s underground network, vehicles of the previous series are already operating successfully with Luminator passenger information systems.”

Space-saving displays in elegant design

They should be intelligent, ensure safety and efficiency, with a slim design and at low cost: the new on-board passenger information systems in Berlin underground railway cars. Passengers are informed of the destination by high-resolution LED colour displays adjacent to the entry doors and at the front of the car. In the vehicle interior, thanks to their small installation depth of only 30 mm and integral electronics, the infotainment monitors are now positioned on the side walls of the passenger compartment. In addition, the visual refinement of the 24” and 28” TFT monitors catches the eye: new design, front panel with ‘optical bonding’ for excellent picture quality, extremely good legibility, no annoying reflections and automatic brightness adjustment.

Technical support

Luminator’s destination indicators and infotainment screens are energy-efficient, easy to operate, durable and maintenance-free. The interplay of demand and display/control technology, data compatibility, interfaces and their integration into the existing systems are all critical for smooth functioning. The service network of Luminator Technology Group will be assisting the Berlin facility and the final customer in the implementation of displays, as well as providing ongoing support.

Picture: The new Berlin metros with state-of-the-art passenger information systems from Luminator.

Source: BVG / TeamOn GmbH

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