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Luminator Technology Group Discusses the Future of Cities and Transit at...

Luminator Technology Group Discusses the Future of Cities and Transit at Davos 2020

Luminator Technology Group Discusses the Future of Cities and Transit at Davos 2020

January 2020
Luminator Technology Group

Technology leaders in transit safety and passenger information join World Economic Forum on Smart Cities




PLANO, Texas – January 23, 2020 – Luminator Technology Group (Luminator) CEO Kirk Goins and EMEA Managing Director Franz Foth had the opportuity to join the global conversation on the future of transit for smart cities at the Davos 2020 World Economic Forum Annual Meeting.

Interviewed by veteran international business news correspondent, Andrew Wilson, Goins and Foth discuss the pressure on governments and local authorities around the world to enhance the transport experience and efficiency. Luminator’s executives also make the point that mass transit passengers around the world have come to expect more control over their journey, increased safety and protection of their personal data. The pair explain how transport systems are leveraging real-time passenger information displays, video security and analyzing data to create smarter and more efficient services. Goins and Foth also speak about how software, data analytics and machine learning are the key to realizing benefits of these technologies.

Goins and Foth predict that cities will adopt these technology solutions to create more secure, reliable and favorable environments to promote better usage of transit in response to rising populations and the impact of climate change. To help cities achieve this objective, Luminator delivers a suite of technology solutions that is fully integrated into the city and transit authority’s operations. The solutions are comprehensive, work in mixed fleets, are easily managed, and reduce friction in the technology infrastructure through integrated solutions.

“Data is the backbone of all smart cities,” said Goins. “Our job is to help the transit authorities use that data and turn it into information, making it accessible to travelers but also to transit authority planners and operators so they're in a position to make better decisions to improve  mobility.”

As cities grow in size, population, and technology advancements become more complex, transport agencies will undoubtedly need this data to inform their citizens of transportation options and updates, but they will also need to maintain their safety and data security as well. Luminator is also working to develop strategic partnerships with transit authorities and local law enforcement to create a safer environment for all passengers.

“The usability and reliability of a transport system is a tourist’s first and last experience in a city,” said Foth. “Each of these cities would like to have the best information systems and most effective public transport, and it would like to be the most modern city, and passenger information is an important part of it.”

Luminator envisions smart cities realizing the benefits of this transit infrastructure and passenger information and security on-board and at stations throughout the world. While in Davos this year, Luminator is working toward the future by collaborating with cities across the globe to drive innovation and improve their transit systems.

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About Luminator Technology Group

Luminator Technology Group (Luminator) is a leading manufacturer of stationary and on-board passenger information systems, video security and lighting for global mass transportation applications. The company, founded in 1928, leverages its extensive engineering resources to develop solutions that increase intelligence, safety and efficiency for bus, rail and aerospace operations worldwide.

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