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Luminator Showcases New Products at the APTA

Luminator Showcases New Products at the APTA

Luminator Technology Group Showcases New Products at the APTA Expo in Orlando, Florida.

September 2023
Luminator Technology Group

PLANO, Texas – September 2023 – Luminator Technology Group (Luminator) is pleased to announce that they will be showcasing several new products at the 2023 APTA Expo in Orlando, FL, October 9th-11th, at booth 3940.

Luminator’s focus continues to achieve ways to evolve technology in the mass transit industry by providing new products that make travel safer and easier for passengers and operators. These new products focus on driver safety, fleet management, and rider efficiency.

One of the many new products that will be displayed is Video Mirrors. Luminator and Safety Tech, a Gauzy Company, have partnered together to create mirrorless driver assistance mirrors for the mass transit industry. The new camera monitor system reduces blind spots, increases awareness by 35%, reduces glares, and eliminates vibration and distortion for bus operators. Video Mirrors benefits fleet operators by minimizing driver fatigue and fuel costs, driving a reduction in accidents, and over a 40% reduction in costly repairs. Video mirrors have been deployed in several states.

Luminator is expanding its reach with E Ink by showcasing color displays that can be utilized on board BEB buses providing a low-power solution to TFT displays. E Ink color displays use proven bistable reflective technology that provides superior visibility in direct sunlight, and low power consumption. Management of the ePaper displays is via Luminator‘s content management software (CMS), providing the ability to monitor display status throughout the network and update content on one or multiple displays as needed.

Lastly, Luminator is excited to introduce Luminator Software Suite. The new software suite enables customers to control information through a single, web-based user interface. Users will now be able to manage their entire passenger information system in one application. The software allows easy access to changing the destination displays as well as the operation and maintenance of vehicles without returning to the depot.

Other products that you can expect to see at their booth are their colored destination signs, mobile video surveillance, and much more. “We are excited to participate at the EXPO and look forward to seeing our customers. We are launching several state-of-the-art platforms that provide real solutions for our clients from low-power displays, improved software, and improved conditions that promote driver safety”, says Dan Kelleher VP of Business Development and OEM Sales at Luminator.

About Luminator Technology Group

Luminator Technology Group (Luminator), is a leading manufacturer of passenger communication systems, video surveillance, and lighting solutions for global mass transportation applications. The company, founded in 1928, leverages its extensive engineering resources to develop solutions that increase intelligence, safety, and efficiency for bus, rail, and aerospace operations worldwide.

For media inquiries, contact:

McKenzie Sommers
Luminator Technology Group


900 Klein Road – Plano, TX 75074
Tel: 972.424.6511
Fax: 972.663.0767

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