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At Stations and Stops

At Stations and Stops

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It can be difficult to determine what technology should be used for each station and stop. That's why we have created this guide to compare key features to help determine the most ideal display solution for your specific needs.

Station Applications

EMBARK™ Overview Displays

EMBARK™ Bus and Tram Platform Displays

Technical Support


Advantages for Transit Agencies

Our flexibility ensures greater efficiency

The most efficient solutions are tailored to your agency’s needs. That is why each of our products and services is precisely oriented to your requirements. Our flexibility enables us to do this. Our portfolio is so extensive that often only slight adjustments are necessary to cater for your agency’s needs. Lean technologies and modular hardware and software components facilitate the configuration, integration and maintenance of your DPID system. Our Technology Roadmap is based on long-term concepts with open standards, upgrade options and backwards compatibility.

Satisfy customers by applying intelligent Real Time solutions

Real-time information enhances the comfort and the safety of passengers and operators. Passengers expect a consistently high quality of information over their entire journey … and Luminator always has the right solution. Our integrated systems provide for the required consistency in the entire Passenger Information System network — even on stationary dynamic PID displays. This makes public transit more attractive and supports your team in providing efficient service (e.g., by remote maintenance and configuration). We call it real-time intelligence.

Demand oriented, future-proof systems

Luminator delivers what operators want: durable, dynamic information systems that meet and grow with the expectations of passengers. Our components can be tailored to your present and future needs, and they remain affordable. A broad selection of formats and design options ensures deliverability for each requirement in terms of design and information scope. Luminator is a partner who understands you. We want you to benefit from our experience in the long term.

First class support from a single source

As a system integrator, we have a handle on the entire data and information loop — from the data source to the stationary display. We think globally and act locally, with a service network that is steadily growing and available for support whenever you need it. Our field service teams are work quickly with great skill to keep your fleet up. We work to exacting internal quality standards and in conformance with all relevant guidelines. We have display technologies and spare parts; and we oversee your stationary DPID systems over their entire lifetime.


Waiting, changing, boarding, arriving, exiting: passengers expect up-to-the minute information at all times. Luminator has the right solution.

Smart Cities

High mobility in a city and region creates locational advantages. Whenever IT is a solution in public transit, we have one—one that will pay off for you in the long term.

Transit operators

Regardless of how many stations and stops and the type of passenger information — our systems work reliably and cost-effectively. Even under extreme conditions.

EMBARK™ Overview Displays
Our display systems show passengers the destinations and times at countless stops, train stations and airports around the world. Designed and manufactured for indoor and outdoor use, the transflective properties provide information that is easy to read in all light and weather conditions. A specially developed energy management system ensures high environmental compatibility and low operating costs.

EMBARK™ Bus and Tram Platform Displays
Stationary display systems from Luminator cover the entire range of passenger route guidance systems, track, timetable and preview displays. Our systems are used all over the world in local and long-distance passenger transport. In conjunction with our highly integrated, open software solutions, we create powerful, future-proof passenger information systems that combine all the necessary interfaces, standards and data formats and, with user-friendl...

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