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Why Luminator?

Uniquely positioned to deliver a full range of hardware and software, as well as integration and support services, Luminator provides tangible benefits to transportation operators and passengers:

  • By delivering meaningful real-time information to transit agencies and riders – providing the intelligence needed to make informed decisions
  • Enhancing safety with comprehensive video security, lighting and accessibility options
  • Ensuring on-going efficiency with solutions that are easy to maintain, update and operate

Fleet Management

Passenger Information

On-Board Video

Video Mirror Solution

Air Treatment

On-Board Passenger Information Systems

Luminator offers a complete, end to end solution consisting of all the hardware and software required to manage passenger information - both on-board and at stop and stations. Our passenger information systems are reliable, economical and efficient - tailored to your needs with the ability to be integrated into your system infrastructure.

On-board Video Security

RoadRunner On-board Video Security Systems are designed to enhance fleet efficiency, reduce maintenance and operating costs, increase accessibility of data and mitigate risk and liability. Our customers benefit from decades of experience in development, design, manufacturing and support of solutions, including video evidence management, advanced analytics, and machine learning technology.

INFORM Fleet Management

Luminator's INFORM™ Fleet Management Solutions deliver comprehensive fleet-wide management to reduce costs, increase productivity and efficiency, improve safety, reduce risky and inefficient driving behavior, and strengthem compliance.

Air Treatment

Luminator's Renew™ Air Treatment system dispenses Grignard Pure, an antimicrobial air treatment through a connected, technologically advanced system that measures and automatically adjusts the amount of that is dispensed in the air. As conditions change, such as fluctuations of fresh air intake throughout the route, the system maintains an effective level to continuously kill virus particles in the air.

Video Mirror Solution

Luminator is partnered with Vision Systems - a European leader in rearview mirrors for more than 50 years, to bring mirrorless driver assistance systems to North America. Vision Systems’ Business Unit SAFETY TECH specializes in embedded vision and image analysis processing. This solution has been deployed by numerous OEMs and transport authorities across the globe, and can be supplied for new bus purchases or retrofit installation.

Advantages for vehicle manufacturers

Complete technology solutions from a single source

Luminator provides a comprehensive solution portfolio for on-board passenger information, fleet management, air treatment and video security systems.

Efficient manufacturing

We make it easy for you - from quotation, to assembly, acceptance and support - with hassle-free installation and integration of all components. We offer fast, effective engineering, and high-quality support.

Quality and innovation

Our quality is one of many factors that enable vehicle manufacturers to offer first-class on-board solutions cost-efficiently: high-quality materials and components, durability, low operating costs and future-proofing through modular hardware and software solutions with easy-to-manage standards from a single source.

Advantages for transport service providers

Lowest Cost of Ownership

We focus on long-term value creation for our customers. We facilitate the configuration, integration, maintenance and upgrade of your systems with the latest technologies in modular hardware and a focus on software that is multi-generational and compatible for ever-changing fleets.

Future-proof and Efficient

We meet growing complexity by providing cost-effective, integration solutions. Managed industry-standard architecture increases the ease of operations and drives down cost.

First-class support from a single source

Complete technology solutions and comprehensive service - that is our goal. We think globally and act locally with a global service network that is constantly growing. Our field service team provides quick, competent and efficient support. 

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