• Planning and Project Management

Planning and Project Management

Efficiency can be planned


Our project managers are the direct link between you and Luminator Technology Group. As your point of contact, they support you with the planning, design and implementation of your passenger information and on-board video security system. And of course, we work in accordance with professional standards (IPMA certified) and guidelines.

Our goal is to implement what you require of your solution as efficiently as possible. Benefit from our experience and expertise in all phases of the project implementation, training and on-going support.




  • On the concept, workflow and design of the screen layout
  • Coordination of data management with OBU providers
  • With conceptual questions and tasks regarding video security solutions
  • With upcoming changes to your passenger information system
  • We’re familiar with all relevant market standards and technology trends and help shape them


Project documentation


Our project management team collaborates with our engineering, design and technical documentation team to deliver all relevant materials required for your specific project. This may include system drawings, as-built documentation, certifications, configurations, and more.


Planning and implementing prototyping/testing projects


  • Individual planning of the prototype delivery from the test phases through to operation: preFAT, FAT, preSAT, SAT (FAT = Factory Acceptance Test: system test carried out by us in the factory; SAT = Site Acceptance Test: system test carried out by you on site)
  • Organization of meetings and acceptances according to the progress of the project


Project management service


  • Status reports (regular updates on the progress of the project)
  • On-site visits (end customer, OEM, OBU)
  • Provision of minutes of meetings
  • Compiling and working through to-do lists and checklists with the client
  • Analysis, evaluation and implementation in the case of changes to your system or system-relevant procedures


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