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On-Board Rail

Enhance the passenger experience

On-Board Rail

Three building blocks
that make rail travel more attractive

The system solution for your trains

Our onboard rail solution guarantees functionality, efficiency and safety in your trains. We extend or combine your existing infrastructure with new technologies. Our userfriendly software solution enables your staff to react quickly to changes.

Your passengers gain access to consistent realtime information – that increases travel comfort and your passengers’ willingness to choose rail travel for his or her next journey. Furthermore, our video systems can be extended with the latest AIsupported analysis technologies.

On-Board Rail



Passengers expect to be kept up to date, and informed quickly of any schedule changes or disruptions. Sometimes, they like to be entertained. Luminator delivers the right solution.

Transit operators

Ongoing information and excellent equipment for better customer experience.


We fulfill all relevant rail standards. Luminator is a member of ITxPT and the VDV Expert Committee on the Establishment of Regulations.

RailKom Passenger Information

Contribute to the travel experience of your passengers with a passenger information system, support and planning security from Luminator. Our backoffice suite and on-board PIS System Controller (PSC) facilitate organization and management.

All components have proven their longevity in various projects over many years. Even under extreme climatic conditions. They offer maximum energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness in operation and maintenance.

On-board Video Security System

Luminator video security systems ensure reliable recording and storage, as well as remote and local monitoring of incidents… throughout the entire train.

Track your most important metrics

Count all people getting on and off the vehicle with up to 99% accuracy and gain insights on passenger flow patterns, peak hours, and occupancy rates. Optimize your schedules and improve the operational efficiency of your vehicles.

Management Software

Luminator is providing a comprehensive toolset and a powerful frontend solution, called mSET, for the wayside server in order to allow convenient configuration and update of all PIS systems as well as for the camera surveillance system.

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