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Luminator Suite:
the all-in-one App

Luminator Suite:
the all-in-one App

Increased efficiency through centralization

Central control is handled through the browser. Creation and control of all passenger information via a web-based application: centralized, convenient, reliable, verifiable. Including the monitoring of all related onboard equipment. The following modules are currently available:

Operation and maintenance

Reduced downtimes
This web-based remote tool was developed to track the vehicle position and determine system status. Further functions are: remote maintenance of system equipment, updating to new software versions, configurations and much more. And everything with only one App.

  • Status Query

    The devices in the vehicles send a “heartbeat” to the server. So you know at any time whether the vehicle is online or when it was last connected.

  • Parameter Monitoring

    Perform comprehensive device checks remotely: you can view details of versions, fault situations and other important parameters in the device.

  • Position Tracking

    Devices that know their location pass it on to you. In the map-based dashboard view of the remote tool, you can track the position of vehicles in real time. And you can see which devices are currently in operation.

  • Remote Maintenance

    The application helps you remotely maintain the devices on board, such as updating to new software versions and configurations.

  • Uploads

    Configure each of your signed-in devices directly in the browser and upload new software, presentations and advertisements to the devices.

  • Reports/History

    You can view a list of all updates that a device has received.

System Administration

Simplify the operation of your passenger information system
Distribute rights for software, presentations and content. With a few mouse clicks you can assign individual access rights to the server and it’s functions, such as device monitoring, troubleshooting and maintenance, managing real-time information, media content and lists.

Take advantage of the multitenant system
Log in once and you will have access to every level of the passenger information system via a single frontend: vehicles, devices, media content, users, companies. Here you can quickly and easily assign rights to your operators on your fleet , media or system management.

Presentation Creator

Easy design of presentations
The Presentation Creator helps you create presentations that are visible to passengers on the displays. With just a few clicks, layouts can be imported for route information, connections or advertising, for example, and thus create an ongoing program with content and information. Information such as weather, news can also be used.

Time and location dependent playback
In order to display the desired content at the best possible time or place, its sequence can be linked to conditions. This allows certain elements (content) to be presented at selected stops and at certain times of the day. Fault messages and information about the journey are then also displayed to passengers - provided that the corresponding data are available for calculation, such as real-time data (e.g., GPS).

  • Easy creation of cycles

    Multiple cycles can be added, based on different events or conditions.

  • Use of external data

    You can enter layouts that have been created externally, and also display websites.

  • Export of presentations

    Presentations are exported through the network to the respective devices in the vehicle. This is done via the application “Operation and Maintenance”.

Content Management

Use the power of advertising
Present your passengers with the right entertainment or information at the right time and place. For this purpose, playlists can be created and media elements can be configured to be played under certain conditions while en route. For example, location, line, stop, calendar period, day/time of day.

How does this work? Quite simply
Content (images, videos, etc.) can be created externally and imported into the application. Here it is available - on request - for the entire fleet. Now the authorized user can publish it, and assign conditions if needed. With the multitenancy design, your media remains yours and will not be used by other tenants.

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