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EBS Haaglanden, Netherlands

Video security and infotainment

EBS Haaglanden, Netherlands

133 fully equipped buses? In 5 months? We can do it!

Even Luminator cannot perform magic. But in summer 2018 it seemed like it: 133 vehicles of EBS Haaglanden were to be equipped with camera and passenger information systems, including software and testing – within the space of only five months. In addition, this had to allow for the integration of the realtime data of an online platform from the on-board computers of another manufacturer. In the end, the customer was so satisfied that there is to be a follow-up contract.

Since 2012 EBS Haaglanden has placed its trust in systems and services of the Luminator Technology Group, and the bus project was launched on 20 March 2018. Each vehicle was equipped with exterior displays, video security systems, infotainment displays and managed switches. Management and configuration tools were implemented in the existing data infrastructure. A customized solution was developed to show the live camera images from the bus on the display panels.

Punctually, on 25 August, the fleet was ready to go: a total of 1,581 devices, such as displays and cameras, had been installed, the software set up and everything successfully tested – made possible due to efficient and flexible processes, delivery capacity, problem-solving skills and good communication. ESB in Haaglanden has known it for many years, and it had been confirmed once again: Luminator can be relied upon, where others try to perform miracles.


An extremely tight time frame for equipping the vehicles including software development, implementation and testing; streaming of live videos to the TFTs in the bus; integration of on-board real-time computer data from the existing IT system into our software system.


Complete layout creation and HW/SW configuration; connection of the PI system to existing data sources and display of journey information and planning in real-time via external app providers; software installation for camera surveillance and recording on EBS (server); engineering of the video security solution for live images in the bus.


133 buses ready for operation in five months; a highly satisfied customer; follow-up contract is currently being prepared.

“The time constraint was extreme. Fine engineering was necessary, and everything had to be tested. But we delivered on time and delivery delay costs of about 200,000 euros were avoided.”

Dimitrios Kokkalis, Projektlead, Luminator

Project facts


EBS Haaglanden


Haagladen, Netherlande


Dynamic passenger information system with management and configuration tools, CCTV system with fleet management software

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