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Djurgårdens Färjetrafik, Sweden


Djurgårdens Färjetrafik, Sweden

GPS precision work for maximum info service on ferries

Each year the Djurgården ferry in Stockholm carries 2.5 million passengers between Slussen and Djurgården. The schedule is subject to change, depending on the day of the week, season or time of day, volume of tourist traffic and requirements for major events. In this case, the onboard info systems must be adapted quickly and flexibly. And Luminator makes it possible.

The advantages are obvious: at the request of passengers the captain can call in at other points – or when upon approach he sees someone waiting - in this case, nearby Skeppsholmen. But how do the passenger information displays know which is the next stop? The same also applies to destinations, audio announcements and other on-board information. Luminator also has a solution for this. The system uses GPS-generated fictitious “stopping zones” on the water. If the ferry passes through such a zone, the display and public address system interprets this position as a stopping point and displays the desired information – although the waterway is often restricted in width and some GPS zones have a radius of only a few meters.

This custom solution means safety and efficiency for the operator: solid technology, uncomplicated software, reliable support and a guarantee of satisfied passengers.


Highly flexible ferry services that must react quickly to different passenger volumes; “intelligent” displays and audio announcements: the route may be different every time.


Simple, clear and uncomplicated device configuration; a specially developed system that simulates specified zones on the water by means of GPS, enabling it to recognize when which passenger information is required.


The backoffice can quickly and easily modify on-board info systems according to the route and line. On-board displays and announcements always present the correct information to passengers during the crossing – independent of the route.

“We are delighted to be able to supply small operators with easy-toconfigure, networked solutions allowing the greatest possible flexibility in fleet management. On the island of Åland, our customer offers its vehicles for wedding parties. Our software enables the dispatcher to quickly post suitable content on the on-board displays.”

Jan Rönnerhall, Project Management, Luminator

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Djurgårdens Färjetrafik


Stockholm, Sweden


Special solution with GPS control for Outdoor and indoor displays

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