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mSET Software

Streamlined, fleet-wide management
mSET™ Software provides all the information and tools required to proactively manage on-board video systems. Delivering streamlined management of multiple generations of RoadRunner on-board video security systems, mSET provides enhanced tools to download and archive video automatically or on-demand. mSET also supports optimization of system health and maintenance, improves operator performance, enhances safety and mitigates risks. 
Optmized for transit and mixed fleets
Building upon years of experience and feedback from transit bus and rail agencies around the globe, mSET is a multifunctional application that features an innovative, browser-based user interface designed to increase accessibility of video and data throughout transit operations.
mSET can be provided as a fully hosted solution with or without optional review service, or deployed on-premise.

mSET Software Brochure

    mSET (managing safety and efficiency in transit) Software provides continuous accessibility to video and fleet information, even when vehicles aren't connected - improving security, maintenance, and management of fleet operations.
    User-friendly, browser-based interface supports access from virtually any device.
    Simplify troubleshooting with detailed health reports, resulting in faster resolution, greater maintenance efficiency, and improved up-time
    Compatible with all RoadRunner Recorders, mSET is a fleet-wide solution ideal for mixed fleets.

    mSET Software, hosted or On-premise

    mSET (Base Required) Download video clips on-demand and access vehicle information including connection status
    SmartClip Module

    Automatic download of video clips with classification workflow and chain of custody reports
    Face blurring with intelligent tracking, for privacy protection

    Health Module System health dashboard, detailed reports and email notification of system errors
    Location Module View live location of vehicle with instant access to live streams (when equipped w/ Streaming Video)
    Request video clips from map location and view real-time location data of all vehicles in the fleet
    Streaming Video Instant access to live video with simultaneous real-time vieiwng for critical events
    Asset Management Tracks assets, maintenance dates, serial numbers
    Proactively schedule preventative maintenance, assign, complete and track service records
    Operator Performance Track risky and positive behavior patterns over time
    Facilitiate coaching and address key performance indicators

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