X-MON2080 Rail

Larger Format Display.

The safety of transit is reliant upon attentive operators. Particularly when passengers are boarding or disembarking, or the vehicle is reversing. Analog displays from Luminator enhance safety by providing live video images of various cameras - including doors and rear cameras. In additional, text information from the Recorder can be displayed, which will inform the operator in the event of a system error.

Each display is equipped with two video inputs for interior cameras and / or the back-up camera. The rear view camera is connected directly to the monitor and triggers the monitor to display when the vehicle is in reverse. This operation ensures display of the highest priority cameras and latency-free viewing.

When used with the X-Recorder, additional functions are available including night-view, and complex logic to shows the driver only relevant video images, based upon the status of the vehicle.

Additional format options include a split-screen with 2, 4, 8 or 9 cameras presented simultaneously.

Our displays are easy to use, service-friendly, reliable and durable - no matter which model you choose.

    7-inch color monitor in 4:3 format
    2 video inputs for use in buses
    Wide viewing angle 70°
    Contrast: 500:1 at a brightness of 250cd/m2
    12 - 24VDC Operating voltage, 5.5W output power

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