EBS Haaglanden is one of the most successful local bus operators in the Netherlands. With a philosophy to focus on the passenger, EBS wants to offer the best service with state-of-the-art information technology – providing journey information and bus video images inreal time. They chose Luminator Technology Group as their technology partner.

Based on VDV 301 (IBIS-IP) standards, a complete integratedsystem of bus stop displays, infotainment and video security with managed switches has been established, where by the office hasreal-time access to every device in the system via the wireless network. Configured and managed using icenter software, text and image content can easily be configured and data exchanged fromthe control center. The video security system is also controlled this way with live recordings streaming to the back office or shown directly on the bus. “With the interconnected and modular solution of Luminator we are very pleased that we found a partner who understands our needs and has provided us an all-encompassingsolution“ said Jan Verijke, director of IT for EBS.

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