Irregularities in public transport operations cannot always be avoided. Passengers are then delighted when they are quickly provided useful information to enhance their travel. Together with partner in Sweden, Luminator has set up a real-time passenger information systemthat informs passengers about everything that is important on their journey.

In accordance with ITxPT guidelines, dynamic data exchange ensurescurrent trip data is available from the central system. The driver, the passenger and and the transport authorities receive exactlythe information they need in real time. If operations are disrupted, the driver can react using the driver terminal, allowing the office to plan accordingly, so that passengers can quickly obtain the latest information and changed arrival times. Even the passenger‘s next connections are displayed promptly because neighboring services are also incorporated. All vehicles are located via GPS, devices are connected via the AccessWeb back office software and managed via mobile radio. In this way, efficient IT ensures relaxed and informed drivers and passengers.