RoadRunner AHD Application

Purpose-built design that is manufactured to withstand harsh environments is key to reliability and durability. With a hybrid design that allows flexibility with the use of both IP and analog inputs, the RoadRunner AHD Recorder supports up to 16 cameras – optimal for maintaining a fleet-wide solution that provides full video coverage on all vehicle types, ranging from smaller buses and trams to large multi-level trains.
RoadRunner AHD is fully compatible with all RoadRunner systems, providing fleet-wide compatibility for mixed fleets.
Supporting complete fleets of all vehicle types, the system is available in several compatible and interchangeable formats for recording high definition video from up to 8 or 16 cameras.
Designed and manufactured specifically for transit applications, the RoadRunner Recorder is Mil-Spec and SAE rated for proven durability and reliability in harsh mobile applications.
  • Records up to 240 images per second (ips) at full-HD resolution (1080p), and an additional 240 ips at D1 resolution
  • Months of on-board recording with removable storage, up to 10TB
  • Optimal network performance with H.265 compression and wireless-ready for any TCP/IP based network
  • Fully compatible with mSET (Managing Safety and Efficiency in Transit) Software for fleet-wide management, advanced chain of custody reporting, health monitoring and long term storage

RoadRunner AHD System Brochure


On-board POE Switch

mSET Software


Uninterruptible Power Supplies

X-MON2080 Rail

Cellular Router, 802.11ac

Cellular Router, 802.11ac 4X4 MIMO

Operator Displays

Power Loss Data Protector

Passenger Displays

Removable Drives

Removable Drives

AHD Recorders

Interior, Forward-Facing AHD Camera

Exterior Mini Dome AHD Camera

Interior Dome AHD Camera

Interior, Compact Forward-Facing AHD Camera

Exterior Tapered Dome AHD Camera

Exterior Wedge AHD Camera

4K Recorders

Interior, Compact Forward-Facing IP Camera

Interior Dome IP Camera

Exterior IP Camera

Interior, Forward-Facing IP Camera

360-Degree Interior IP Camera



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