1. Cab-HMI
  2. X-DVRS
  3. Ethernet switch
  4. Video analytics device
  5. Camera
  6. Router
  7. VSS X-Media Manager
  8. Wayside Server

System for Video and security applications

Everything under control

The video system offers reliable recording and storage of events, remote and local real-time reviewing of incidents.

mSET Software


X-MON2080 Rail

Operator Displays

Passenger Displays

Removable Drives

Removable Drives

AHD Recorders

Interior, Forward-Facing AHD Camera

Exterior Mini Dome AHD Camera

Interior Dome AHD Camera

Interior, Compact Forward-Facing AHD Camera

Exterior Tapered Dome AHD Camera

Exterior Wedge AHD Camera

4K Recorders

Interior, Compact Forward-Facing IP Camera

Interior Dome IP Camera

Exterior IP Camera

Interior, Forward-Facing IP Camera

360-Degree Interior IP Camera

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