VSS X-Media Manager Software Tools Suite

All the tools you need for DVR administration
With the PIS SW Tool Suite you can access the recorder directly.
DVR Configuration ‘X-Config’:
  • Configuration of recorder
  • Status query
  • Formatting of media, deletion of data
  • Firmware update
  • Logbook with time stamps
Playback view ‘X-View’:
  • Manual live-picture and live-video inspection and separation
  • Recorded video and audio analysis with flagging options.
  • Export options
Video Analysis ‘X-ExportPlayer’:
  • Analysis of exported videos based on X-view.
  • Retrieve audio and video sequences from different media such as CB, DVD or file.
If you want to manage your complete fleet containing Luminator DVRs X-FLEET MANAGER is the right tool for you.

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