All the advantages of our LED displays – in color.

Color is an important orientation aid in guidance systems, and that goes for destination displays too. Luminator Technology Group displays have everything going for them: high light output and excellent readability with low power consumption. The displays are ultralight, which saves fuel and lowers the operating costs.

The narrow, easy-to-install displays are available for all common bus types and in many possible combinations. The display is controlled by an RS485, mono, or Ethernet interface.

In addition, the automatic display identification facilitates configuration and the optional diagnostic system simplifies servicing. Ultima Combi is not just colorful: like all our displays, it is simple, durable and economical. It’s an investment that pays off in the long term.



      Luminator Technology Group gets information to your passengers faster – with IP-controlled destination displays. Internet protocols can transport much more data at once than classic networks. All the devices in the vehicle are integrated into your passenger information system via Ethernet. This allows every destination display to be controlled and programmed from the central office. Troubleshooting and maintenance can also be carried out remotely. Make your system fit for the future with the latest standards, such as ITxPT or VDV301. We are happy to help you with this.


      As far as Luminator is concerned, there’s no contradiction in shaping technical progress while continuing to work with tried and tested formats. Being open to our customers’ existing technology is part of our philosophy. For that reason, we offer devices with classic interfaces – such as IBIS or RS485 – alongside products with newer ones. Depending on the customer’s needs and requirements, we are able to retain existing systems or combine them with new technologies. We will be happy to design the right concept with you.

    Energy efficient: thanks to the use of highly efficient LEDs and intelligent energy management.
    Combined Display with color area for the line number and monochrome area for destination text.
    Compatible with new standards ITxPT and VDV301 (Ethernet version required).

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