PIS System Controller (PSC) | Rail

Organizing your passenger information the right way

The PIS System Controller (PSC) is the core of Luminator’s PIS audio and visual system rail solution. It coordinates the incoming information stream from the rail operator and coordinates that the relevant information from remote or internal is provided to the fitting entities regardless of voice announcements or visual passenger information. PSC organizes VoIP functionality as well as UIC568 fallback analog voice and takes care that the installed displays (i.e. destination, infotainment, seat reservation, advertisement) will show the right information.

It contains storage for route databases, pre-recorded audio announcements, LED and TFT display database content and diagnostic information. The PSC streams the pre-recorded audio files to the amplifiers and streams the visual content to the display according to operator’s command (received from the HMI) or GPS position (received from IM). The PSC is a metal enclosure designed for rack mount and easily extendable for further actuators and sensors as well as for additional storage needs.

    Organization of complete PIS System
    VOIP, ETH and analog Audio Support
    Extendable Rack solution i.e. for Storage or I/OS
    ETH Bypass Relais and redundant Power Supply option

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