Luminator offers suitable stop displays for every situation in public transport - whether as a new installation as part of an overall software and hardware concept or as a hardware extension of existing systems. Depending on your information needs and requirements you can create your individual solution from different technologies in different display sizes, resolutions and formats. The displays have a modular design and can be expanded with loudspeakers, info and alarm functions or other features as required. No matter whether you need self-sufficient mobile phone solutions for rural areas with solar panels, "low power" display systems for small and medium-sized stops or barrier-free versions with "text-to-speech" functions in different languages - we have what you need. And if not, we will develop it for you.

E-paper Display 13"
Outdoor LED Monitor (192 x 64 Pixel, P4.2)
E-paper Display 32"
Outdoor TFT Monitor, 32 inch, double-sided
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