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    On-board Video Security System

On-board Video Security System

Transit agencies across the globe rely upon Luminator Technology Group to provide a comprehensive solution for On-board Video Security. Designed and manufactured specifically for mobile applications, our systems are designed to enhance fleet efficiency, reduce maintenance and operating costs, increase accessibility of data and mitigate risk and liability.

With over 56,000 deployments in all transportation modes - ranging from small buses and government security vehicles, to train locomotives, our solutions operate reliably in a wide range of climates and on-board environments. Our customers benefit from decades of experience in project planning, development, design, manufacture and implementation as well as commissioning and support of video solutions - including video evidence management and machine learning technology.

Purpose-built design that is manufactured to withstand harsh environments is key to the reliability and durability of our recording systems. With a hybrid design that allows flexibility with the use of both IP and analog cameras, our Recorders support up to 32 video channels – optimal for maintaining a fleet-wide solution that provides full video coverage on all vehicle types, ranging from smaller buses and trams to large multi-level trains.
Luminator’s solutions provide the highest quality recording and full video coverage for all types of transport vehicles. We provide a wide-range of camera options each with specific technology that is best suited for each mounting location. Unique technologies are deployed to capture the best video for each camera view, whether the camera is mounted in the interior of a railcar, or the exterior of a bus. Additional options and enhanced features include built-in audio recording, IR illumination for low-light conditions and high-resolution designed to capture small details and deliver unprecedented zoom capabilities.
Luminator displays are proven reliable and easy to use with decades of successful deployments. Clear video images and information is displayed allowing the driver to easily assess the current situation when reversing and at the doors. Together with our cameras, recorders and software, they form a coordinated system with many useful functions that support safe maneuvering of the vehicle as well as the safe embarking and disembarking of passengers.
No matter how complex or specific your requirements are, we can combine the most up-to-date passenger information and on-board video solutions, and their associated interfaces and data formats – and turn it all into user-friendly, reliable applications. Clients in over 85 countries worldwide benefit from our many years of experience in software development.

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